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Bringing the dreamtime into the future

“Our vision is to recreate balance in society where women and men are equally represented and to facilitate and support reconciliation and unity amongst all cultures, races, religions, peoples and species through healing as family, together on Country.”

The Treaty was spoken by the Prime Minister Bob Hawke at BARUNGA and sung by YOTHU YINDI in 1988. The Treaty was later designed and documented in 2002 by Habitat Creation and the Aboriginal Embassy (Victoria), prior to it being lawfully and formally authorised at the University of Melbourne. Australia’s First Treaty ©™ Act 2002, was successfully completed in a Multicultural Indigenous (WOIWURRUNG) and Multicultural English language to reconcile and unite all people through healing and reclaiming spirit, identity, environment and Country.
The Treaty will be translated into every possible Multicultural Indigenous Country language and Multicultural National language that has more recently immigrated or naturalised to this Country or Nation. A legacy of Australia’s First Treaty ©™ was the 5 Re ©™ and the 5d MAS ©™ (Multicultural and Sustainability) System, authority, competencies, policy, model and blueprint which we can all contribute to, be respectfully represented and responsibly be the voice for the voiceless. Many pathways working together as one, would initiate the 5-step journey to restore women’s business. Effectively, this would protect and develop this Country or Nation with a Multicultural constitution that also includes women, men, children, plant and animal species. Establishing this new re-regulated principal business management system would be the most inclusive, connected, progressive, compliant, legal, lawful, Multicultural and Sustainable Council or Home Affairs in the World. Marrying Creation LoRe ©™ with Westminster Law and Re-evolving with Re-industries would be a new way, with the old way, which is both ways, which is a harmonious way, which is the right way!

The Apostles

Giving dreams a home to grow

“Our purpose is that every child and all species (human, plant and animal) deserve an optimal equitability or equal future with this Country, Nation and Planet.”

We endeavour to give every child their inherited human right to Commonhealth and protection from all racism, bullying, poverty, disadvantage, classification and war. Ultimately, for children to be balanced and educated in Multicultural Harmony and Holistic Sustainability. Also, to inherit a duty of care for mother earth and evolve with the inclusion, protection and defence of our environment, and not solely for the accumulation of the Australian monoculture of capital or money. By recognising Multicultural KOOLIN ©® Sovereignty and rejoicing unity, we have born nature and culture together once more and therefore are capable to equally belong and reconnect as one kinship family. Habitat Creation as the only Multicultural Environmental Organisation in the World, would like children to be one with themselves, each other, wildlife, the planet, their identity and become sacred agents or Keepers of Sustainability with ReNGO FunGI ©™.
Blue Mountains

We four, less is more, honouring the truth

“Our role is to be compassionately, creatively, collectively, committed and connected to Commonhealth through identifying, supporting, delivering and funding the development of the Multicultural 5 C’s”;

Country, Community, Conservation, Council and Corporate.

By awakening the spirit for people to become collective custodians and implement the 5d MAS ©™ and 5 Re ©™ System, it will enable the employment of KOOLIN ©® SLSC (Sky Land Sea Conservation) Rangers and NINI Rangers. Fusing the culture of the rock (earth) and the tree (nature) together will reconstitute the home with the garden and the sea.
Through initiating the MASter ©™️ DIVE (Multicultural and Sustainability teaching eco-rangers Dimensional Investigation Velocity Environment) program, it will ultimately establish an equivalent dialysis or angiography for the ortho bionomy of our ecosystems or environment, that will be instructed by LoRe ©™️. Uniquely, it will resemble an instrument designated to the application of Environment, Work, Health & Safety EWHS and be the only accreditation or measure for MAS ©™ or Holistic Sustainability in the world.

National Project Manager: ReNGO FunGI ©™

Contact: rengo.fungi@habitatcreation.com.au

Rengo Fungi
Habitat Creation Rethink